Realtor Participation

Realtors: Registering your customers with us when you show our homes establishes prospect protection. If these customers purchase any style home from Petros Homes, you will be protected and receive commission. In order to avoid any misunderstanding involving prospect protection, we will honor your prospect for a period of 90 days from the date of registration and will pay a commission according to the published MLS listing agreement with the following terms and exceptions:

1. Prospect Protection cannot be honored if the buyers have previously visited the sales site on their own.
2. You MUST accompany the prospect on their INITIAL visit to EACH Petros Home community and register them in person.
3. If the customer fails to purchase within the initial protection period, it is your responsibility to re-register them in person.
4. Should the customer return AFTER the protection period with another agent, the Builder is NOT liable for a commission to the original REALTOR. Any dispute will be settled by arbitration.
5. On custom homes, base price will be determined by Petros Homes in consideration of square footage, standard features, and custom options.
6. You must provide to Petros Homes a commission letter and agency disclosure statement upon submission of any contract. Thank you for your cooperation. Your business is appreciated.

Building a Successful Partnership with Petros Homes
Realtor Commission Agreement
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