Reflecting on the Season: Christine and Dan’s Story

Dear Friends of Petros Homes,

Thank you for participating in the Petros annual golf outing that benefited our family! Petros Homes has been incredibly kind and generous to our family, and we were ecstatic when they shared with us that our family would be the beneficiaries of this year’s outing!

Christine and Dan’s Story

God has truly blessed our family. We have two amazing, special kids, Kevin and Courteney. We reside in Seven Hills, so we are a very local family. Both of our children have significant special needs — physical impairments, cognitive impairments, and many medical complications. Many years ago, while I (Christine) was serving on a mission trip in a children’s home in El Salvador, I met a little boy, Kevin, who was three years old and weighed only 14 pounds. God began working on my heart and my husband’s heart over the next year as we became financial sponsors to Kevin.

When I returned to El Salvador the following year, Kevin was now four years old and still only 14 pounds. It was during that trip that God impressed upon my heart that the needs Kevin had were great and that if Dan, my husband, and I believe in what we say we believe in and if our faith is real, then it was not okay to see this dying boy and do nothing. My husband and I began the process to adopt Kevin after that. We knew it was crazy. We knew it was radical. We knew it would be costly (financially and sacrificially). We had Courteney already, and our lives were full with her. But we couldn’t deny that caring for “the least of these” was and is the heart of God!

I am not trying to preach to you all, but our story can’t be told without sharing what God has done and how He works; it simply wouldn’t have happened without Him. Four long years later, Kevin joined our family. He came home to us as an 18 pound 9-year-old. Yes, you read that right. I know we have never been more scared in our lives as we were as we embarked on this mission the Lord had brought upon us. But, God has been so faithful. Kevin is now about 50 pounds and the wildest, silliest boy we know! He still has very significant needs, but the Lord has brought so much healing and restoration to his little life! Our faith has increased tremendously since beginning this journey back in 2007.

So, fast forward to now, and we have these two awesome kids whom the Lord has entrusted to our care! What a blessing, what a privilege! That’s not to say it’s easy, of course, it isn’t easy, but we have seen and know that the Lord is good and we are in the midst of His will and serving as He has asked us. We see the incredible purpose that every life has, despite differing abilities. It is an incredible, beautiful journey.

How Petros Homes Helped

One of our challenges and this is why Petros Homes picked us as the charitable cause this year, is our home. We are mostly maxed out of our 1,200-square foot ranch (that’s an understatement!!). We are hoping to use these funds to expand our home with a several hundred-square foot addition or to finish our basement so we can move downstairs and our kids can use the three bedrooms on the main floor as their bedrooms and a supply/therapy/equipment room. At this point, we don’t have a set plan, as we are still considering our options. But regardless, the funds WILL help us make room for our kids and all of their equipment, medical supplies, and therapy needs and to continue to care for them well in the year ahead!

So, whether you realized it or not, you have joined with us to care for two incredible kids! Thank you so very much for golfing and having fun to support (what we believe to be) a very worthy cause! Thank you for enabling us to do what we do every day! We appreciate it so very much!

Many, many blessings!

Dan & Christine Boyle (and Courteney & Kevin!)

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