The Value and Investment of a Strong School System & Community

The Value and Investment of a Strong School System & Community

When you purchase a home, you aren’t just purchasing a home; you’re purchasing a stake in the neighborhood, community and even city that it’s in. Your home’s school system and community are going to have a direct impact not only on your quality of life but also on your home’s eventual value. Here are a few things to consider:

Home Appreciation and Home Desirability

What’s the number one factor that most people look at when purchasing a home? Schools. Even buyers without children look at the schools first. Areas with better schools are most likely to have better communities overall; they are more family-oriented, safer and well-maintained. And because of this, that means that they appreciate in value faster, and they sell faster. If you want a property that is going to truly be an investment, you want one in an area that’s safe, family-friendly and up-and-coming. An excellent example of this is Town Centre Village, which is located within the Brecksville-Broadview Heights school district and is priced appropriately for new families or families looking to scale up.

Living in an Area You Can Enjoy

Even without schools, the value of a strong community cannot be underestimated. A strong community has a wider variety of retail stores, better grocery stores and amenities such as spas, parks, clubhouses and swimming pools. You may be surprised to find just how convenient having all of these amenities within a short distance truly is. If it’s a sixty-minute commute to the grocery store, you’re going to find yourself cooking less and eating out more — and this is just one small way that community amenities can have an impact on your health. The Four Seasons of Brecksville is an excellent example of a well-positioned community, just 30 minutes away from downtown.

Though the financial element of purchasing a home certainly can't be ignored, there's a reason why we call a strong school system and a strong community an investment.

Getting the Best for Your Children

If you already have children or expect to have children at any point, being in the right school zone is important. There’s a huge variation in the quality of schools from region to region, and it isn’t just about academics. Better funded schools have better opportunities overall: sports teams, music lessons and after school activities. The neighborhoods for these schools are often safer, which means that you’re children are less likely to be in danger and more likely to be able to play outside and have fun with their friends without risk. Altogether, the value that this adds to your home is incalculable.

The Other Financial Benefits of a Stronger Community

Of course, buying a home is still one of the most significant financial decisions you’re likely to ever make. Though the financial element of purchasing a home certainly can’t be ignored, there’s a reason why we call a strong school system and a strong community an investment. Here are just a few ways that a good community can save you money:

  • School fees. If you don’t have a good public school system, you may find yourself paying more in school fees. You may need to pay for your own tutors, sports teams, music lessons and after school sessions; services that may be folded into a good school.
  • Insurance rates. Insurance rates are almost always substantially lower in areas with strong communities, as crime and vandalism simply occur far less. You will likely find your homeowner’s insurance and auto insurance rates go down after moving.
  • Amenities. Why pay exorbitant club fees if you have an affordable community clubhouse in your neighborhood? Having better amenities within your community means you don’t have to go looking for gyms, pools and other potentially expensive memberships.
  • Transportation. When a community isn’t strong, you need to do significantly more traveling to get the things that you need. Gas and other transportation costs can stack up, especially if you are living far away from the city.

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Remember: you’re not just investing in your real estate portfolio, you’re also investing in your future and your family’s future. Swiftly growing communities such as the Four Seasons and Town Centre Village are excellent opportunities for new families and families looking to grow. Contact us today at Petros Homes to learn more about our communities, including Four Seasons and Town Centre Village.

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