Why Buy New

Why Buy New

In today’s economy, which makes more sense: buying a new home or purchasing a previously lived in home? Although we often hear people say that they think that a “previously lived in” home (called a “resale” home in our industry) should be the best value when compared to buying a new home, there are many debates to the contrary. Here are just a few of those:


Your new home is the biggest investment you will ever make, so why not have your home, your way? Many times, a new home is a reflection of the owner’s own “unique taste and style.”


In addition to the more open floor plans found in newer homes, older homes don’t usually have the closet or storage space that newer designs have. Older homes can often have an unattractive room flow where space has not been well thought out which causes buyers to make costly remodeling changes.

New Home Design

The latest, greatest floor plan designs accommodate how people live today, not yesterday. Today’s homes have rooms designed to “gather” family and friends. A formal dining room found in an older home may be used a few times a year where a fresh designed “gathering” room found in a new home may be used year-round for more informal family time and entertaining.

Less Maintenance

New homes have brand new operating systems, such as plumbing, HVAC units and appliances, and usually don’t require maintenance until years down the road.

Energy Efficiency

New Homes are typically somewhere in the neighborhood of 42 percent more efficient on energy bills (varies by house and lifestyle, of course)!

Modern Conveniences

New homes have the latest new appliances, new windows, new product technologies and are often built in locations with amenities that designed for resident’s enjoyment.

New Homes are Built to Current Codes

The codes now have been updated compared to the codes used many years ago, meaning that some issues that could have been considered acceptable when it originally passed inspection are now no longer acceptable building standards.

New homes have brand new operating systems, such as plumbing, HVAC units and appliances, and usually don't require maintenance until years down the road.


Most new homes usually have a warranty. This indicates that you typically have one year to address any issues that don’t seem right with your builder and they will come and fix them for you. Also, many components of the home (roofing, siding, HVAC, windows, appliances) have additional extended warranties that range from one to twenty-five years.

Emotional Factor

The fact is that you are the one and only person who’s ever lived in this home. It’s yours and yours alone, built for you and to your specifications.

Healthier Indoor Environment

Many new homes have healthier indoor air quality and can improve your family’s health, especially if they have issues with asthma or allergies.


Although a new home may be slightly more on upfront, in the long run, you’ll save money on energy bills, operating costs and maintenance while you live there!


Your time is valuable. Would you rather spend your weekends doing maintenance or enjoying your new home?

Enhanced Electrical Systems for Today’s Lifestyles

Now that we all have a new wave of technology, some of the electrical systems found in older homes are simply not sophisticated enough to handle it. As our connectivity to today’s modern technology improves daily, a new home will have USB plugs built in as opposed to older GAF wall plugs. Also, new homes can be “Smart” wired to allow homeowners to control many things from their smartphone or tablet such as lights, appliances, room temperatures, security, video monitoring and more!

In the end, the choice is up to you, and we can find many more great reasons why “New” and “Now” are smart choices! Contact us today at Petros Homes to get started on creating the perfect home for you and your family.

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