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Vendor Spotlight: Owner Of Summit Millwork – Dave Keenan

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Dave Keenan, president, founded Summit Millwork to create a higher standard in specialty mouldings for new homes and businesses. With over 30 years of experience in the moulding & millwork business, he began with offering basic mouldings with varying profiles.

Today, Summit Millwork has grown into a building in Cuyahoga Falls which houses over 15,000 square feet of floor space and supplies more than 200 types of moulding. In addition, the company offers custom doors, stair parts, door hardware and custom windows.

Summit Millwork continues to serve both the local community and non-local contracting firms with first-rate moulding supplies and other services. The company strives to combine the highest quality products with timely delivery and competitive prices. This quality plus our experienced, hands-on sales staff provides the most professional millworks source for our custom building clients.

Summit Millwork offers detailed design assistance from small projects to expansive commercial renovations. Our extensive experience and product knowledge can help you create the perfect platform which focuses on millwork details and innovative finish.

How long have you been working with Petros Homes?

I have been working with Petros Homes for 28 years, the first eight as a sales manager for Falls Lumber and the last twenty as owner of my company Summit Millwork located in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

What have you enjoyed the most about working with Petros Homes?

The level of talent at the company is phenomenal. Over the years, I have enjoyed working with several people who have inspired me with their creativity and passion for the homebuilding process. The company has always treated their employees and their trades and suppliers with a high level of respect that in turn translates in to recruiting and retaining a high level of talent and a superior customer experience.

How do you feel your services make an impact on the company business?

By employing a good sense of product knowledge and awareness along with knowing how to apply the right products in the right places within new homes that make a difference to the overall outcome of the build. Petros Homes also shares our commitment to use high quality goods that withstand the test of time.

What has contributed to your longevity with Petros Homes?

Continued rapport with all of the company employees from the site mangers to design and estimating personnel all the way to the top decision makers. I was attracted from the beginning to the company “core values” and share in the belief to do “right” by the customer on each and every new home build. There is a solid level of care that begins at the top and filters down through each member of the team designed to follow good practices and systems that set Petros Homes apart from other home builders and consistently maintain and top status in the local market.

What trends do you see for the 2022-2023 season in trim and millwork?

Unique patterns, color pops, and different finishing touches are extremely popular millwork design trends these days.  Buyers are always keen to seeking out new trends in finishes and applications that will make their home unique. The popularity of trim and wood applications along with finish details offered by highly respected door and cabinet hardware companies such as EMTEK ensure that our offerings will remain fresh and relevant while delivering the highest quality goods.

To read more about Dave’s latest projects and custom finish options, please visit

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